Individual session

We usually start with a session "get to know" and define your needs and desires. Generally, this is done orally, but the use of more creative ways is not excluded. Following this, we define how we can grow together. Art therapy is, as its name suggests,therapeutic.

This implies that:

• together we define the therapy aims, the goals.
• that the process is more important than the finished product:
paint is more important than painting, dramatic expression is more important than the play itself...
How is more important than the final product.
• That there are no artistic standards! Thus no need for particular artistic knowledge.

Group session

During group sessions, we will work around a theme, such as grief, fear, phobias, low self-esteem,...
The theme and the number of sessions is established up front. The therapist guides and observes the participants in their process. Group therapy can complement or alternate individual therapy. The group therapy is very stimulating.
The participants discuss/feel/express their problems together, creating a group dynamic by way of recognition.

The advantages of group therapy are:

• the richness to recognize your own feelings/problems in other group participants
• the support of the group
• empathy
• the contact
• to express your feelings in a safe environment