What is Exprecious?

Exprecious is the combination of "Expression" and "Precious".

To me this is a powerful way to say how important it is to express your feelings. Not being able to express yourself creates anger and frustration. Denying feelings does not make them disappear. Exprecious' aim is to give you the keys to express your feelings. The way to reach that aim is personal to each individual.

Exprecious offers Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy and is sometimes called artistic or expressive therapy. This form of therapy is designed for anyone who feels the need to exteriorize his or her feelings. We find that creativity is a way to do that.
Art Therapy is a treatment. That means that the Art Therapist is formed on one or more artistic media, such as:
• Visual and Plastic Arts
• Dance and movement
• Music
• Theatre

Sometimes, words fall short to express how you feel. Starting with your story, giving a structure to your narration to express some deep feelings, can be very difficult. Screaming, moving, painting or shaping, a role play…are examples of techniques that can be used during our sessions.

Abused children often have difficulties expressing what happened to them. The pain may be too hard or too difficult to express using the spoken word. Through drawings, paintings, shaping, puppets, games …a child can express him/herself without the need to speak. By doing so he feels safer and reassured You do not need to have difficulties to express yourself to find that non verbal techniques are often easier to express your feelings.

Exprecious balances two processes:

During the therapy the patient will reconnect to his inner self through creation e.g. make a painting, move, and play a role.
He will experience and live more than talking and thinking. That's also why Art Therapy is considered as experimental or the therapy of DOING.

Reflecting on this experience is a valuable tool to Art Therapists to restore the balance. The Art Therapist proposes individual sessions, group sessions, couples therapy, family therapy. Exprecious' goal is to accompany you towards peace, expression, vision and transformation. During that inner trip you will meet yourself in a safe and creative way.