Target groups

In general

Kids as from 4 years old, youth and adults. There are no artistic standards!

In other words, anyone who encounters a difficult moment in life. In security, fear, depression, addiction,
abuse, dependence, burn-out, … Obviously Exprecious is also for any one seeking personal growth.
We are aware of our boundaries and limitations. We reserve the right to redirect or refuse someone seeking help should we feel this is the case in the best interest of both parties.

The educational and social sector

Exprecious also offers its services to the educational and social sector and proposes group sessions. These organizations are: schools, nurseries, mental health centers, general health centers, centers for physical disabled people, revalidation centers,addiction centers, special education support centers for youth and seniors or particular areas of expertise (e.g.assistance to asylum seekers), ... We offer one day therapies as well as long term therapies varying upon request.
No artistic background or knowledge is requested. Art Therapy proposes creative exercises that do not require any artistic knowledge. These exercises will be adapted individually according to the person seeking help. Each of the different means of expression , the materials, the colors, the shapes, the sounds, the rhythms and the movements have their own particular influences on the body and the soul and can operate in a curative way.

Team buildings for companies

As Art Therapy leads to the personal development of each individual, Exprecious also offers its services to companies in the form of team building, ranging from one day to more extensive courses. Upon the company's request, Exprecious will focus on themes like communication, conflict management…, with the aim to create a cohesion in the group.

Animation birthday parties + holiday activities for children

The Art Therapist will also animate birthday parties, especially for groups of kids between 4 and 12 years old. The aim is not just to do an animation but to create an activity that will awaken and promote the social emotional development of the kids. These activities will be proposed in a spontaneous form of games, dances, role plays, drawings … For more information about the holiday activities, please check out calendar